what is abnormal pap smear mean

What Is Abnormal Pap Smear Mean

Abnormal Pap results: What they mean While abnormal Pap results can definitely cause anxiety, the good news is, most abnormal results aren't caused by cancer. The Pap smear checks for abnormal cervical cells, which are usually caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Abnormal changes in the cervical tissue can lead to. However, inflammation from other sources can cause a Pap smear to be abnormal as well, including sexually transmitted infections, yeast, bacterial vaginosis and. Abnormal Pap smear results may indicate other conditions such as inflammation or infection. False positives are also possible from Pap smears, however. An abnormal cervical screening test result means that you have changes in the cells covering the neck of your womb (cervix). These changes are not cancer. The.

Don't Panic. An abnormal Pap test results can mean many things. It may be due to changes (inflammation) caused by normal cell repair or infection. Or you may. HPV (Human Papillomavirus), which is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). · Trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted disease) · Cervical. The main reason for an abnormal Pap smear result is the human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease. Another cause for these cells is an HPV infection. Dr. Taylor may recommend another Pap smear test to determine the cause. HPV testing. If your Pap smear shows. If your Pap smear comes back abnormal, it could be the result of cell changes caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted disease. Abnormal Pap test results usually do not mean you have cancer. Abnormal Pap smears may indicate the presence of infection or abnormal cells called dysplasia. LSIL—This means that the cervical cells show changes that are mildly abnormal. LSIL is usually caused by an HPV infection that often goes away on its own. LSIL. What does a negative result mean? A deviating result can be a false alarm. The result of a smear is expressed in figures. Pap 1 is a normal result. With Pap 2. Possible causes of an abnormal Pap smear include vaginal inflammation or an active vaginal infection. You may also have abnormal test results if you had sex. Abnormal Pap test results · Atypical squamous cells (ASC) means the cells don't look normal. · Atypical squamous cells – undetermined significance (ASC-US) means. Abnormal Does Not Always Mean Cancerous. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that an abnormal Pap smear result does not always mean that cancer.

As the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services explains, there are many harmless reasons that a Pap smear can come back abnormal, including a lab error. If. An abnormal Pap smear can be caused by cancerous cells. It can also be caused by other cervical and vaginal abnormalities, including dysplasia (precancerous. Regular Pap tests are designed to find early cell changes in the cervix, before problems develop. An abnormal Pap test result means that the cells taken from. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common cause of abnormal Pap smear results. It's also the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United. Because of improvements in cervical cancer screening, guidelines now recommend less frequent screening than before. Abnormal test results don't mean that you. Most abnormal Pap tests are caused by HPV infections. Other types of infection—such as those caused by bacteria, yeast, or protozoa (Trichomonas)—sometimes lead. High grade cervical cells identified by Pap test results can indicate the presence of precancerous cervical dysplasia—which can be caused by strains of HPV that. What Do Abnormal Pap Smear Results Mean? As stated above, abnormal Pap smear results mean that the cells taken from your cervix show changes. Don't panic. Testing for human papillomavirus or HPV. The main cause of abnormal Pap test results is HPV infection, a common infection passed through sexual contact. There.

An abnormal Pap test result may mean that further testing and follow-up are needed. This page explains: What a Pap test checks for; The most common cause of. An abnormal Pap smear result may indicate cervical cancer, but this usually isn't the case. Learn the most common causes of abnormal Pap tests on this page. However, an abnormal smear almost always means that a minor problem (pre-cancerous change) has been detected and not anything serious (such as cervical cancer). Abnormal results from either the Pap test or HPV test may be a sign of cervical dysplasia. In this condition, precancerous cells have formed on the cervix, the. A normal result means there are no abnormal cells present. The Pap test is not % accurate, and this is why repeat testing is recommended. Because cervical.

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